Event T-shirts

Dear Cheerleaders & Coaches,

We would like to congratulate you again for qualifying to the ECU European Cheerleading Championships 2017 in Prague! For many athletes and coaches this is a once in a lifetime event to tell your grandchildren about.

In order to keep those memories up for a long time and be able to show your world proudly that you were a part of this event, we would like to offer you this years ECU European Cheerleading Championships Eventshirt.


Differences to the original printed shirt might occur.

You can order the shirt only with filling out the next page and sending it straight to Varsity Europe. Just send an email to:


Until 28.05.2017

Team orders from 15 Pcs. - 15,00 EUR Single orders up to 14 Pcs. - 16,50 EUR

Until 05.06.2017

Team orders from 15 Pcs. - 16,50 EUR Single orders up to 14 Pcs. - 17,90 EUR

Until 18.06.2017

Team orders from 15 Pcs. - 18,00 EUR Single orders up to 14 Pcs. - 18,90 EUR

At the Venue

Only Single Orders – 20,00 EUR

Please note that only orders made until 05.06.2017 will receive a guaranteed shirt. Orders that are made afterwards will be served as long as stock lasts. Reorders after the event will not be available.

The Eventshirt will be available in the following sizes: YM, YL, YXL, S, M, L, XL, XXL There is some glitter effect on the shirt!

The shirt is only available in white. No other shirt colours will be available.

The orders will be handed out at the venue at the Varsity Europe Cheer Shop. Shirts will not be shipped. Shirts that are not picked up or orders that have not been paid on time will go back into the free sale.

Best regards Your Varsity Europe Team

To download EVENTShirt ORDER FORM click here.


Competition surface

Competition surface

We are happy to announce that the performance floor, practice floor, and tumbling strips for the ECU Europeans 2017 will be provided by Diony Sports company.

Europeans 2017