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18th of June 2017

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  • Club photographer accreditation order

What size will the Cheer Floor be?

14 x 14 meters (7 cheer mats)

From Diony Sports company

What size and type will the Performance Cheer Floor be?

12 x 12 meters Marley dance floor surface (6 strips)


All athletes that represent ECU member from the specific country must have citizenship or permanent residency for at least 6 months in that respected country. Identity, age and permanent residency of the athlete will be determined by inspection of the valid photo ID document that needs to include the following information:


  • ● name and surname,
  • ● date of birth,
  • ● photo,
  • ● citizenship or duration of residency

If the photo ID document does not include the information about the citizenship or duration of residency, a separate document without the athlete’s photo can be used to determine the citizenship or residency. Two (2) coaches, one (1) music assistant and one (1) photographer per team are allowed in the warm up zone and the floor.


Saturday participant will have free entrance to competition venue on Sunday as a spectators. Sunday participants will have free entrance to competition venue on Saturday as a spectators. Place for sitting for them is located in First and second gallery at Tipsport Arena. 


Your competition music can be replay from the CD, USB or phone! Bring the music on CD and for safety also on USB. On warm up zone your team colleague will test the source and have to go with you to the floor and turn on the music on time with our music master.


The official currency in the Czech republic is Czech crown - make sure you use ONLY exchange offices. You will be able to pay by EUR at the venue.


Maximum of 4 people (entourages, substitutes) are allowed to enter to thewarm-up area and competition floor with the Team (2 coaches, 1 music assistant, 1 Club photographer with accreditation

To ask a specific question, please email us at


Competition surface

Competition surface

We are happy to announce that the performance floor, practice floor, and tumbling strips for the ECU Europeans 2017 will be provided by Diony Sports company.

Europeans 2017